Reviews - Historical

WESTERN:  When Joan’s husband Harris dies, leaving her and their two children penniless, she must swallow her pride and go to her brother-in-law for help. Mac Walley seems like a good man, but will he stay that way or does he have more of his brother in him than meets the eye?

A Heart of Gold

Tava Rutherford has barely held her family ranch together while her father searches for gold in Klondike, Canada. But when she receives an old letter with word that her father is ill and dying, she can no longer wait at home. Jess Lawmen has loved Tava for years, but some mistakes in his past haunt him, and he has spent the last few years quietly loving Tava and supporting her as a friend.

REGENCY:  Lady Isabella Beauchamp has every opportunity in life, beautiful, clever and with a handsome dowry, her brother sees no reason she cannot make a perfect match by the end of the season.

Picking up from book one in The Duke’s Pact series, Lord Richard Smythe, Marquess of Lockwood, is one of the remaining five Lords, sons of predominant London Dukes, who are now subject to serious consequences of their fathers’ determination for them to marry. The young Lords are just as determined to remain single.

Rescued by Valan

As the pirate Valan attends the funeral for a fellow pirate, he wonders who will replace him. Laird MacNeil offers Valan the position of captain which he can’t refuse, but Valan doubts that he will make a good leader. Still he takes the job anyway. When Valan hears of a ship carrying treasure, he jumps at the chance to go, taking his crew with him.