Reviews - Historical

Hester is struggling financially so she takes a job as cleaning woman for Cecil Payton, despite rumors that it’s nearly impossible to keep a job with him. Cecil is a harsh taskmaster, and his niece and nephew are reprobates. Still, she is desperate and soon meets the mysterious man himself.  Before long, she finds herself promoted, or demoted, to governess of the heathen children.

The Devil’s Laird

Lady Siena Bertram is so tired of her brother, Fidach, beating her that she doesn’t care if she lives or dies. When Ficach condemns her to die for being a witch, she kills him. The rope is placed around her neck and the chair kicked out from under her, making Siena lose consciousness. On a hilltop overlooking the strange happenings, Laird Roderick Scott sees the execution taking place.

Evan Prescott, fifth Earl of Clarendon, watches his wife Amelia in horror as she struggles to give birth to his son. Amelia’s health was never very strong, yet she wants to do activities that put her health in danger. The birth eventually ends up killing her. Evan is miserable, drinking to excess and gambling, wanting not to feel anything at all.

Lady Rosamunde Stanley is the heiress to her father’s fortune and the widow of Viscount Rothmere. Rosamunde has a very overactive imagination and lives her life daydreaming of being something better. Rosamunde agrees to go to her aunt’s house in the country, but she is kidnapped by Marcus Russell. Rosamunde must save herself from Marcus but ends up getting hurt instead.

Sweetwater is a place of hope and second chances, which could be why so many lost souls find their way there. Following an attack, Faith knows her friend will be safe with Callie, even if it means traversing the world alone.