Reviews - Historical

Lady Clara Masson has loved Andrew Macalister, the Duke of Bradstone, since she was ten. Her brother Jonathon, the Earl of Morton, hates Andrew with a vengeance and risking her brother’s wrath, she sneaks out of her brother’s home to attend the Duke’s family birthday ball. Her punishment is much worse than expected.

REGENCY:  Crippled and confined to a life in a wheelchair, Dora Mosier is forced by her mother to earn her keep or be turned out to starve. Dora decides to write letters to wounded Civil War veterans. Wanting to be someone sophisticated, she reinvents herself as Philomena Parks, a robust, well to do woman. She writes to former Union Captain Allon Banks.

Dowager Lady Thornham spends her days reading about the rakes and scoundrels of London but of late, most of them have settled down and married. Her companion, Honora Beaumont, suggests she find a new diversion — and the Dowager comes up with a doozy! With three rakehell nephews in need of wives, she will throw a house party, giving her nephews a fortnight within which to find a suitable wife.

The Devil's Gift

Jackson Rafferty knows his older brother is in trouble when Sheridan informs him of his plans to end his betrothal to Miss Jenevieve Kingston. After years of picking up after their father, the Earl of Devlin, Jackson expects this will be no different — until Sheridan is murdered in cold blood.

Aednat has spent her life as an outcast. Being both a cripple and a healer makes the people innately suspicious of her, so it comes as a great shock when a rogue band of warriors are hell-bent on stealing her away and claiming her maidenhood. They believe that as a great healer her purity will bestow magnificent power to the one who beds her first.