The Chieftain: A Highlander’s Heart and Soul Novel


Losing a campaign to the Campbells, the seven members of the MacCoinnich clan regroup, leaving smoldering ruins behind where their stronghold once stood. They retreat to a cave where they will live and recover. Members of clan Neal come across the MacCoinnich’s and bring them to Tor Ruadh. Catriona, the daughter of the clan Neal chieftain, does her best to protect the clan from her ailing, cruel father, Gordon, and her equally cruel twin brother, Calum. As Catriona nurses Alexander MacCoinnich to health, he finds he fancies her and wants to protect her from the evil that abounds in Tor Ruadh. When Spring arrives, Calum demands the MacCoinnich’s leave. Alexander plans to take Catriona but is betrayed with horrifying consequences.  Who is the betrayer? Will Catriona ever be free to love Alexander?

“The Chieftain” is a realistically written highlander story which immediately draws readers in with larger than life characters. There are many clan members to keep track of, but they are so well written, with depth, it is easy to remember them all: from young Sawny, the little kitchen helper, to Oakie, who has a penchant for blowing things up, to the major characters. However, the story’s pace is not consistent. Several of the chapters drag with too much description and not enough action, but the overall pace is nice. Sometimes it is difficult to discern who is speaking when the MacCoinnich clan is together. The dialogue has many great moments with delightful brogue and Tommy’s stutter! This gives the story a touch of realism. “The Chieftain” is a wonderful novel with more on the way in this series. 

Belinda Wilson