Chatelaine of Forez (Curse of the Lost Isle #5)


Melusine has quite the quest ahead of her.  Cursed as an ondine...half woman, half serpent, for one day of each month, she has now been tasked with a way to end her predicament.  As a Fae, Melusine has many perks. But attempting to win the love of her husband in another life may prove too difficult the second time around.  Artaud of Forez is a Pagan living in an increasingly Christian world. In need of a wife, his best bet is to appease the Holy Church by marrying a Christian woman.  But it is Melusine who catches his eye and his heart.  Now not only does this couple have to stand strong against treachery and hypocrisy, but Melusine must also convince Artaud that their love is destined to the past and the present.


The clashing of Pagans and Christians is not often used as a plot device in a romance book, and the backdrop of danger and intrigue set a fascinating tone for this tale of magic, religious battles, and epic love. A background and explanation of events leading up to this story would have been helpful, as it seems to jump in without many details.  Dialogue is stilted and forced at times, leading to a noticeable lack of chemistry between the two protagonists. Once into the meat of the story, however, Melusine and Artaud's struggle against the odds is fast paced, with many scenic changes and villains to despise.  The battle between good and evil is front and center in this pit stop on a fantastic journey that spans centuries!


Nicole Duke