Chasing the Other Tisdale (Regency Blooms #3))


Lacking in confidence, the curvy and plain Lillian Tisdale has resigned her fate to simply be “the other sister,” until she falls into the unlikely lap of Will Colton. Favoring the immoral, self-indulgent life that high social notoriety delivers over his familial business responsibilities, Will is forced by his father's ultimatum to leave England, and Lily, for two years.  On his return he finds himself accused of murder, his reputation in shambles, and the lovely blossomed Lily moving on. Can he repair the physical and emotional damage? Or will Lily be driven into the arms of his enemy?


Lovers of Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” will be delighted with the similarities in this third stand-alone Tisdale novel. Even with the inevitable comparisons, readers will enjoy Lily’s trailblazing, strong, and opinionated mind while empathizing with her struggle to accept her curvy self-image throughout this read. One may become exasperated with Will’s obsession for appearances as he befriends Lily but fails to defend her; often even participating in the lowly ribbing of her personal appearance and character. While the time period may not clearly be defined, the reader can safely presume the era based on the author’s descriptive nature of the characters historical dress, formal titles, and the Regency season. The ending comes together, but one may be disappointed at the quickness in pace; leaving a thirst for more elaboration and detail. Ms. Jefferson delivers a heartwarming tale of the trials of love and loyalty. 


Stephanie Lodes