Charming the Scholar (The Seven Curses of London Book 2)


Desperate to help her father, Lady Julia Hopwood searches for a book that he has been looking for to add to his collection. When the cold and demanding Viscount Oliver Frost tries to get the book from her, she refuses. As they spend more time together, Oliver believes he has found a shining light in his dark world. Passions rise, however secrets threaten to tear them apart - despite the fact that Julia wants nothing more than to help Oliver out of his unhappiness. 


Lana Williams has a writing style like no other! She is able to pull a reader straight into a story and hold them there. This means reading well into the night, and time will definitely be forgotten! Oliver is a deeply solemn and dark character women will not be able to resist. He is very much an alpha male and knows exactly what he wants. Julia is a kind heart who cannot stop herself from helping people. Bring these two together and there is a beautiful story to be told. The passion between the two characters is red hot and will not be forgotten in a hurry. The story moves at an even pace with beautiful dialogue - the reader will be able to hear the characters speaking in their head, which is a great aspect for a book to have. This book is excellent and will recommend the series to other readers.


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick