Charlotte: Pride and Prejudice Continues

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  As the “Pride and Prejudice” world continues, Charlotte Lucas is now married to Mr. Collins and is living in a comfortable home near Rosings Park. This should be enough for her as she assured her best friend, Lizzy, it would be. But dealing with Lady Catherine de Bourgh, “Pride’s” wealthy benefactress, who is just as self-centered and imposing as ever, makes Charlotte re-think her decision. Charlotte feels that Mr. Collins is more attentive to Lady Catherine’s wishes than to her own, even it seems, in the intimate details of their marriage. As time continues, Charlotte makes new friends and discovers much about herself as she and Colonel Fitzwilliam develop a relationship that makes her question her own marriage with Mr. Collins.

Ms. Aminadra has a gift for language and phrasing in the Austen fashion that is truly refreshing  and a pleasure to read! To thrust Mr. Collins, a secondary character used for comedy relief and sarcasm in Austen’s novel, into the forefront of a story is a huge undertaking. He was never a sympathetic character, so it’s hard to sincerely invest hope in his future with Charlotte. Yet, in this story one is required to care about him and what he thinks.  Charlotte is well enough liked and her relationship with the Colonel is tantalising, yet there is also no real “arc” to the story to give it flight.  Still, the descriptions are delightful and the dialog flows naturally.  If Aminadra  can marry likeable characters with a stronger story, her talent and captivating style of writing should produce future works of the highest quality!

Beth Chamberlain