The Chance of Love (The Book of Love 7)


Holly married when she was only 17 years old and was ignored by her husband. Her husband is killed when he goes off to war. Holly never truly knew her husband and has no desire for love, or to remarry. Joshua is the handsome army captain Holly has been avoiding.  When Holly’s family tries to force her to read the Book of Love, she decides to hide it with Joshua. Joshua is curious about what the book is about and decides to read it. He is curious about why Holly has not remarried and wants to find out.

“The Chance of Love” is a regency brimming with romance, captivating humor, and danger. The characters are engaging, especially Holly and Joshua. The reader will enjoy the constant bantering between them and both families. One will enjoy the strong connection and closeness between the characters and how protective the families are. The author does a great job in describing how people dress, behave, and the treatment of women during this era in time. The reader will feel that the story drags at certain times and that it could have moved a bit faster, but overall it’s a great story.  The “Chance of Love” is Book 7 in the Book of Love series and can be read as a standalone. This story is a must read for anyone who enjoys a great historical romance!

Victoria Zumbrum