The Champion (A Series of Worthy Young Ladies – Book 4)

Kate Archer
Lady Arabella Berestock has a fondness for animals, and has gained a reputation as
someone who is astute with caring for the injured of many species. Lord Peregrine
Hadleigh, Marquess of Blackwood, and heir to the Duke of Stanbury, finally has what he’s
always wanted - his own home in the city away from his mother who’s constantly trying to
marry him off. All is right with his world until he’s dressed down by a pretty young woman
over the care of his horse. From that very first, contentious meeting, their course is set.
The fourth installment of the Worthy Young Ladies can be read as a standalone, although
starting at the beginning of the series would make it easier to follow along with all the
recurring characters, especially those who are part of The Society of Sponsoring Ladies.
“The Champion” is a clean, wholesome romance. It’s not clear if this was intended to be
inspirational as well, as there are a few mentions of God, but none really have any context.
The story if filled with humor, mostly surrounding Arabella and the animals. Unfortunately,
she’s the only real bright spot to this story. Lord Hadleigh is lackluster, often weak, and
made even more so by the way he cowers to his butler. While there are a few bright spots
to the supporting characters, especially Lady Redford, far too much time is spent on the
inconsequential and infuriating butlers, as opposed to developing the main characters’
relationship. If you are a fan of comedy in your Regency romances, you may enjoy this
N.E. Kelley