The Centurion (Lords of de Royans Book 3)


Le Veque

Ever since Lady Alyx de Ameland was eight years old growing up in medieval England, she has been madly in love with the same man. Now that she has reached womanhood, Alyx knows in her heart that she will be the one to marry the handsome and brave Sir Torston De Royans. Despite giving his word to his father to become betrothed to another woman, Torston feels his innocent feelings for Alyx shifting into something deeper. His timing is terrible as the lord he serves quickly spirals into a deep state of dementia, leading to rash decisions and more skirmishes with the invading Scots on the border. When Lord Kerr, leader of the raiding Scots, wants to marry Alyx to gain her family’s land, Torston has to defy duty and honor for his one true love. 

The reader will fall in love over and over, as they delve deeper into this wonderfully crafted story. From the very first page, this story will grab the reader by the heart and not let go! The passion between Torston and Alyx throughout the book is absolutely sizzling, and the reader will melt every time Torston calls her sweetheart. Ms. Le Veque creates surprisingly complex characters, especially villains, which will make one excited when their name pops up on the page. The plot never dawdles at any point throughout the book, and readers will want more story long after they’ve finished. With a tangled love story, fierce battles, and a dash of humor, this is a story that no one will want to miss!

Jen Griffin