Celtic Blood

James John

Seward has been shipwrecked.  When he washes ashore in Scotland and is rescued by Kenneth MacAedh, Earl of Ross, he vows his loyalty to him.  This vow takes on new meaning when Seward becomes embroiled in an age-old feud between the Clan MacAedh and King Alexander, both claiming rights to the throne of Scotland.  When Kenneth is killed, Seward allies himself with Kenneth’s only surviving son, Morgund, vowing to protect him.  Morgund is weak, with no interest in sword play or defense, but Seward must make him into a warrior or they will die.  Treachery and betrayal stalk them at every turn, they don’t know who to trust.  Gradually Morgund grows into manhood with Seward by his side, skilled with the sword, and seeking to avenge his father’s death and see the rise of his clan once again. 


 “Celtic Blood” is an action-packed tale, telling the story of struggle of the Clan MacAedh as its members fight to stay alive.  History buffs will enjoy this peek into life during the 1200’s.  The characters of Seward and Morgund are well written, and the thread of their relationship will keep the reader’s interest.  The story is very wordy, with lots of descriptions and dialog, which makes it hard to follow.  Characters also come in and out randomly, sometimes with little introduction or explanation, which also disrupts the storyline.  Editing would have resolved misspellings and grammatical errors.  Still, readers will root for Morgund to return to his clan and start a dynasty, with Seward standing by his friend to help him become the man he must be.


Victoria Z. Burg