Caution's Heir


REGENCY:  When Lady Louisa Booth’s father loses everything to a gambling debt, she is shocked to learn she is included in her father's possessions!  She is given to Arthur Herrington, the Earl of Daventry, and immediately seeks an audience with him to plead for his protection. Acceptance into society is crucial and although he intends to honor both society's etiquette and rules as her new benefactor, his heart begins to want more. Can he win her heart as well? Louisa is unsure of what her future holds but she is grateful for his care and attention. However, is it enough to be called true love?


Written in a style reminiscent of other classics of the period, “Caution’s Heir” has an interesting plot, but the telling is lengthy and quite slow.  Quite a lot of time and attention are given to details so the reader can get to know the many characters that shape the story throughout. Much information is difficult to digest until one has firmly read a good portion of the book. Arthur and Louisa certainly take their time understanding their own feelings for each other and will be familiar to those who know of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. They never really reach a high or a low but stay comfortably in the middle, maintaining a steady likability.  


Margaret Faria