To Catch a Falling Star (The Graham Saga, Book 8)


“To Catch a Falling Star” is book eight in The Graham Saga. It opens with twin stories - the first of which features Alexandra bidding goodbye to her adult children and grandchildren to travel with her husband Matthew to Scotland. Because this is several hundred years in the past, she’s unsure if she’ll return to her children since travel tended to be dangerous. The atmosphere between her and Matthew is tense, as he fails to realize what a strain this departure puts on her.

In contemporary times, Isaac, the son Alex left behind in the 20th century, is now an adult and a painter. One night, he creates an incredible painting that allows him to fall into a monastery 300 years in the past. Isaac is desperate to return to his wife and daughter.

“To Catch a Falling Star” is an intricate tale weaving historical details from different times along with the various emotions of the large Graham family. Alex and Matthew’s relationship has grown over the previous seven novels. Now, they find themselves at loggerheads, as we watch the long married but beloved couple struggle to keep their love strong.

Even though it is a hefty book, enough information is given to clue the reader in on previous events. Unfortunately, this results in many aspects of the novel being told as opposed to shown. Starting at the last novel may be the equivalent to walking late into a movie for first time readers so it is strongly suggested one start at the beginning of the series in order to experience Alex’s fall through time and subsequent meeting with Matthew. The experience will be much richer as the reader can then reap the rewards of this enjoyable saga.

Morgan Stamm