To Catch a Fallen Spy (Brethren of the Coast #8)


REGENCY:  Lady Elaine is a member of the Brethren, descended from the Knights Templar who have served the Crown for centuries. They are legendary, but no one knows their real identities. Ross Logan is a spy for the Crown, family friend to most of the descendants, and one of the few who knows who they are. He has never gotten past an injury from years ago, and has shut his emotions off completely. Elaine has known for years that she wants Ross as her husband, but he is unwilling and stubborn. Even as they marry by special license, fate brings back enemies threatening their lives. Even so, getting Ross to open up to love is her biggest battle.


Elaine is one stubborn woman, especially for her time. She does absolutely nothing out of step with propriety—mostly—yet gets her way nearly every time, and when she doesn’t, the fact that she was coddled by her cousins is evident. Even so, readers will love her even more. For much of the story, Ross is cold and aloof, but once the whys are revealed, it all makes sense, and readers will ache for him. There are events alluded to and bad guys coming back from previous stories, but not quite enough information for it make complete sense. The prologue shows the original Brethren and has its own unfinished plot, but seems to have no point to the rest of the story itself. Ross and Elaine’s journey, as two people who have known each other for years, but really don’t know each other, is emotional and exciting and heartbreaking, all rolled into one voyage readers should not miss out on!


Julie York