Castles, Customs and Kings

Edited by Debra Brown
M.M. Bennetts

“Castles, Customs, and Kings” is not one story but a compilation of numerous essays and stories of the real people that made up the rich tapestry that is the history of Great Britain.  The book is broken down into eight periods, starting with the Romans, then following through the Medieval era, on to the Tudors, Stuarts, through the Georgians, into the Regency and Victorian periods and ending in the 20th century - with a sprinkling of historical tidbits to top it all off.  Within each era, readers enjoy the tales of such renowned heroes and anti-heroes as Boadicea, William the Conqueror, William Wallace, and most of the Kings (and Queens) throughout the ages.  Along the way, the reader can also enjoy wonderful side stories of buried treasure, famous executions superstitions and religion, along with oddities such as the history of gingerbread, the beginning of nursery rhymes, wigs and a plethora of odds and ends that make history so enthralling!


There truly is too much to mention in this rich attempt at compiling England.  It serves as a delightful addition to anyone who loves history. Ms Brown and Ms. Bennett have done an admirable job of compiling and putting to order an impressive list of historical authors, each writing on a pertinent topic. It is packed with useful information, yet told in plain and easily understandable sections and stories.  There are times the topics overlap and become a bit redundant but for anyone who is looking to understand all the peoples, places and traditions of the English, this is an easy and enjoyable go-to pleasure!


Ruth Lynn Ritter