Casablanca: Appointment at Dawn

Linda Bennett

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  It’s 1943 and OSS Officer Kurt Heinz knows his duty. He’s determined to complete any mission necessary to protect U.S efforts in Casablanca, even if that means impersonating his cousin. He's never met the man, but his position in the Nazi ranks could allow Kurt to change the outcome of the war. However, he didn’t expect a brief meeting with Sarah Barrett to change everything. When the army nurse is given a coded message by a dying man, she is dragged into a circle of intrigue, danger, and romance and Kurt may be the only person who can help - if she can trust him.


A unique historical romance set in the turmoil of WWII, Sarah is a very emotional character: desperate to do the right thing, but unable to do much on her own. Kurt is a skilled intelligence asset who is caught between duty and family, but his sudden feelings for Sarah will keep the reader entranced with the story, even while they want to shake some sense into her. The action is intense and the truth surrounding two Jewish girls adds a welcome element of mystery to the story. Between the action, mystery, intense setting, and the sudden romance, readers will find this an interesting read.


Sarah E. Bradley