Caroline and the Captain: A Regency Novella


Captain Nicholas Bonham’s return home to his family’s estate is a sad one.  Not only has his brother George died mysteriously in a riding accident, but the estate is on the verge of bankruptcy.  His only solution is to marry rich - and quickly.

George’s former fiancée, Miss Caroline Mirringham, is the obvious choice.  She is from a well-known and wealthy family and she knows that any other prospects are bleak.  Reluctantly she agrees to marry the dashing Captain Bonham, but swears to keep her heart and its dark secrets locked away.

“Caroline and the Captain” is a sweet romance with a hint of passion.  The prose is in keeping with the time period pulling the reader into the Regency Era without being pedantic and tiresome. The book’s weakness lies in the predictability of its story and the lack of development of its main characters.  The relationship between Caroline and Nicholas feels rushed in order to further a weak storyline.  A more natural progression of intimacy between the lovers would strengthen the story and provide more satisfaction for the reader.

Ms. Andersen has done her research well and her attention to details of the era bring her writing to life. There is tremendous promise in this novella, and readers who wish for a longer, more developed story have much to choose from in the author's extensive backlist.

Gwenellen Tarbet