Capturing Her Highland Keeper (Time to Love a Highlander Book 4)

Lyla Smythe fled to Edinburgh after her divorce. Her twin, Abby Cornwalt, has been staying with her. The two hardly get along, except for their shared love of stargazing. A midnight trek to Arthur’s Seat viewpoint takes an inexplicable turn when they are suddenly transported from 2019 to 1650. Lyla and Abby encounter Chieftain Grant Reddoch and his War Chief Malcolm Cransie. The Highlander and his right hand were on a secret mission to reclaim a relic of the Chieftain’s famous uncle, James Graham, the Great Montrose, when they came upon the anachronistic pair. The women speak a strange form of English and could be spies. Grant and Malcolm take them back to Eadar Keep as prisoners, but soon succumb to their allure, Grant for Lyla and Malcolm for Abby.
“Capturing Her Highland Keeper” pairs a spirited modern woman with a proud and lonely 17 th century Scottish lord. It doesn’t take long for Lyla to grasp her impossible situation or fall for her handsome captor. It does take a long time for her to learn to guard her futuristic vernacular, or failing that, to come clean about her time travel. When she finally does so, her worst fears are realized when Grant reacts with extreme fear and prejudice. Thus, both the heroine’s and hero’s actions cause frustration and disappointment. Grant may have been in the dark for the most part, but Lyla is armed by her foreknowledge and intuition. Her “sixth sense” as she calls it, is so palpable that it makes her rub her neck repeatedly, much to Grant’s bafflement. Such details add curiosity to a steamy Highland romance capitalizing on Time discordance.
Joan Lai