Captivated By the Captain (Fabled Love #2)


REGENCY:  Miss Prudence Drake didn't think a trip with her father on his merchant ship would end in disaster, but after being captured by pirates, her only wish is to return home to America. Captain Jasper Blackmore fled his life back in England to sail the seas as a privateer; however, his real prey is not the merchants but rather other pirates. During an attack on one such ship, he stumbles across the beautiful Prudence and rescues her. Yet, what’s he to do with the innocent young woman who somehow manages to stir his heart, even while she drives him mad with her penchant for helping around the ship and distracting his crew? With hearts and lives on the line, Jasper and Prudence have to decide what they are willing to risk.


A passionate historical pirate romance, “Captivated by the Captain” is the second book in the “Fabled Love” series but can be read as a stand-alone. With a great setting and interesting characters this novella's smooth pace develops the romance and has plenty of emotional moments to keep the reader interested. Despite the predictability, lack of real conflict, and character depth, the story does manage to provide enough romantic fluff to keep the reader going until the end. Additionally, the side characters bring an element of humor and fun to the tale, as they prod the hero and heroine together. Overall, a nice light romance for a lazy day.


Sarah E Bradley