The Captain’s Heiress (The MacGalloways Book 3)


Captain Gibb MacGalloway sees Isabella Harcourt in his mother’s garden and wagers with her for a kiss. He wins and Isabella receives her first kiss. Gibb thinks nothing of it—he will never see her again. Imagine his surprise when he learns he is transporting Isabella to America! Her father has sold her in marriage to silver miner, Mr. Schuyler. Isabella insists on bringing the wooden tablets she has been translating. She also brings her lady’s maid, Maribel. While onboard, Gibb and Isabella fight a strong attraction to one another, knowing nothing must happen between them. Gibb is fluent in Latin, and he helps Isabella with her painstaking translations. While they are working, Maribel is getting cozy with the first mate. Gibb teaches Isabella not to be afraid of the unknown, even if it is the dark depths of the ocean.

“The Captain’s Heiress” is a delightful story, with surprises and plot twists galore! Gibb and Isabella are described in loving detail and the secondary characters come to life on this seafaring voyage. The story of the tablets is fascinating as well and adds yet another layer to this incredible story. Maribel’s last name does change between Hume and Hatch causing some confusion, and Mr. Schuyler is a disappointment, lacking depth, and hardly matching the vivacious Isabella. Isabella’s father is shallow, thinking only of himself when he trades Isabella for a silver mine which will allow him to be comfortable for the rest of his life. He never gives a thought to his daughter. A story fraught with emotion, it is easy to get caught up in the wonder of this novel!

Belinda Wilson