The Caped Countess (Cloaks and Countesses Book 1)


Lady Donnatella is not just a commonplace genteel lady of the ton. A duke’s daughter by day, Tella becomes a caped vigilante protecting the London streets from ruffians and pickpockets at night. Dressed in men’s garb, her deep blue cape holds the secrets to keeping her safe while out on her night watches. When Tella inadvertently finds herself being strangled by an armed man looking for trouble, she is shocked to find that her helper comes in the form of Henry Fitzwilliam, writer for the local paper. Inadvertently entangling themselves into a bigger crime, Tella and Fitz have no choice but to work together to find out just what is happening and why people keep ending up dead, all the while maintaining her perfect standing in society’s eyes so as not to tarnish her reputation.

“The Caped Countess” draws one into Tella’s exciting adventures protecting those less fortunate than herself. Tella is a strong and beautiful character whose story runs deep when it is discovered that her need to protect those around her stems from the loss of her mother on the London streets as a young child. While the storyline is intriguing and thrilling, some areas seemed almost a bit too far-fetched to the point of unbelievable, as if something you’d watch in a morning cartoon. With Tella constantly pushing Fitz away, their relationship consistently stalls throughout until she can overcome her past issues and realize that she isn’t destined to lose everyone in her life. Overall, an exciting, heart-pumping read that will draw one in to the mystery!

Marie Sanderson