A Candlelight Courting


Set in the 1100's, Christina is a young woman that has yearnings for more than her circumstances allow. Her overbearing father, a hard and overbearing man, is trying to manipulate her into an wanted marriage to a man named Burthred. It is only through the metamorphosis of the situation that one truly understands what is in her heart.
What  an enlightening and enjoyably tender read! Though frustratingly short in length (the only downside of this story), it is long in understanding. The morals and morays of the middle ages are brought out in this story regarding the place of women and their choice of the roles they were to live. In the telling of this tale the dialogue is written with a sensitivity and a knowledge of the history of that time period. As one reads, one comes to understand that some of the things that we have taken for granted, were once very precious to those who came before us, and their sacrifices, hopefully, were not in vain.
Beautifully done, Ms. DiPastena!
Beth Chamberlain