Camelot’s Queen, Guinevere’s Tale, #2


Guinevere and Arthur each had other plans for their lives; one where their hearts belonged to others, but when Arthur unexpectedly finds himself High King of Britain he can’t afford a love match. An arranged marriage to Guinevere gives him the best advantage and while Guinevere wants nothing more than to deny him, she acquiesces, becoming the High Queen of Britain and the first battle queen in generations. Affection grows between them, but adversaries near and far plot to divide them. The years pass as they suffer joys and sorrows, hardships and bounty, but it’s when Arthur seeks and finds the Holy Grail that their lives are irreparably altered.


What a refreshing twist to a historical fiction nearly as old as time! So many varying legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table abound that one would be hard put to come up with a fresh perspective to share. Author Nicole Evelina not only spins a refreshing new thread told from Guinevere’s POV, she weaves an entire tapestry rich in color, depth, and scope. From the very first page, one is swept away into the days of old where times were brutal, the people were rooted in the earth and superstition ran rampant. The only drawbacks in this wonderfully penned tale are a timeline that occasionally leapfrogs years and a few minor editing errors. There are also some instances of violence (including rape) inherent in those times that may disturb some readers. With larger than life characters, a gamut of emotions, mystical forces and hate-worthy villains this is historical fantasy at its finest!


Carol Conley