The Call of the Sea

Sian Ann

Rhiannon has always loved the sea and seeks comfort from it daily. On the day she is to meet her betrothed Viking ships land on her shores and in a violent raid her home is plundered, and her father killed. She seeks refuge with her family in the royal court. Leif is a Viking and the son of the Viking chief. He is expected to participate in the raids. But when he witnesses the brutal death of Rhiannon’s father his heart is turned from that life. He seeks forgiveness and through the teachings of an Irish priest learns how he can be forgiven. When an unexpected political plot draws the Vikings into the politics of Rhiannon’s Cymry people Leif and Rhiannon are thrown together again and again. But their growing attraction can mean nothing as they come from two opposite worlds, unless they can find a way to make those worlds exist in harmony.

Filled with intriguing Viking adventures, this story’s twists and turns are as wild as the stormy sea. The character development is terrific as Rhiannon is forced to take control of her life and carve a new path for herself after her father’s death and Leif learns to make choices that may not be the typical path for a Viking but are the perfect path for him. The chemistry between Rhiannon and Leif is palpable from the start, and each time they are thrown together the embers burn brighter and stronger. A unique romance with the perfect amount of Viking history and lore.

Cara Cieslak