The Call of the Raven


MEDIEVAL:  Morgan MacLeod is a man of honor. On his way home after a long journey he happens across a mortally wounded man and takes on the duty of carrying the news of the man’s demise to his family. Upon venturing to the home of Laird Latharn MacKenzie he discovers himself amidst a long-raging conflict that puts the entire MacKenzie clan at great peril. He takes it upon himself to protect the MacKenzie lands and people, including the young and bonnie Bethia. Bethia has a gift that some call a curse, but others wish to exploit - such as the evil Ross Cameron, who seeks her hand in marriage. Cameron has caused the feud that roils over Raven’s Wood. 


A man driven by honor and passion will do almost anything, and MacLeod is no different. This character is the epitome of a leading male. Strong of mind and body, he takes up his sword and will battle to the end for honor and love. Women will drool. However, a feisty lass will keep him chasing her, as Bethia does. Bethia is a strong woman with a shattered heart. This is a combination for success and distress. The story flows dramatically, but at times errantly from point to point. Possibly too much was drawn into one tale which had enough misery. The overall plot which leads to the inevitable happy ending works once the kinks are leveled, and it has a nice romantic feel. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto