The Broken Heart (Unmarriageable #4)


In “The Broken Heart” the chaos of Europe during the Napoleonic Wars sets the dynamic backdrop for Isabelle de Renarde and Armand le Noir’s hectic love story. As the widow of a traitor to England, French émigré Isabelle is struggling to find a safe place for herself in a society that sees her as guilty of her husband’s crimes. She’s lonely, which leads her to arrange to meet a man. A different, totally unexpected, man sparks her romantic interest instead. Armand feels the same way. Divided loyalties, political intrigue, and petty jealousies keep them swinging between circumstances that sometimes make them adversaries or allies. Being together seems impossible until leaps of faith and lucky breaks open possibilities for achieving a satisfying happily ever after.

Detailed historical context adds richness to the narrative foundation of this compelling tale with elements of swashbuckling swagger. Isabelle and Armand’s love story offers a balanced mix of seriousness and fun. Isabelle and Armand are portrayed as mature adults who’ve experienced many highs and lows in life. They’re bruised, but not defeated. Their wisdom is hard-earned. Backstories for all the featured characters are multifaceted and believable. Although some enlightening facts about Isabelle’s past are explained in earlier stories in this series, “The Broken Heart” works as a standalone. Its definite conclusion allows for the possibility of further adventures to entertain readers who crave historical romance that has plenty of style and substance!

Cardyn Brooks