A Bright Particular Star

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The young and capricious Sophie Devereux must escape from Ludstone Hall and the impending nuptials planned for her by Aunt Eudora Sloane. Sophie cannot resign herself to the arranged marriage with her cousin, Peregrine (Perry). In her effort to flee to London, she lands in the unsuspecting Theo Cavanaugh's lap. Sophie is intent on reaching James, her childhood romance, and fills the pages with foolish decisions of youth to attain her goal.
Theo Cavanaugh has made wine vending his business in which he travels a great deal. He harbors a mild disdain for love, believing it will never come his way. Honor bound to aid a damsel in distress; he transports Sophie first to Bath then on to London. This three day trip is compounded by the villain, the Bath Fox, who rumor has it, robs travelers of their coin and jewels. It is on this long trip, occupying the first half of the novel, that we meet the supporting cast; the beloved cousin, Olivia, the mysterious Lucas Grey and of course Eudora and Peregrine.
Elizabeth Hanbury's characters are well drawn and enjoyably unique! The setting, however, is filled with unrelated details and includes a generous amount of head hopping and telling that becomes frustrating as she displays her extensive research of the road from Bath to London. Still, her scenes feel real and engaging with dialogue that fits the time period.  With a little work, Ms. Hanbury’s unique voice and talent for writing creative characters will prove very promising, indeed.
Erin Murdock