The Bride Price


During her first London season, Emily is unwillingly caught up in the arms of Lord Winthrop, Viscount Marbley. Although she is fighting to get away from him and his kisses, they are seen and a gossip spreads the news throughout the ball. Her reputation in ruins, Emily's father sends her away from London, telling her a husband is waiting for her at home and she will be married shortly. Handsome William Hazlitt has always loved Emily and only hopes that she will learn to love him, too. Only a farmer, he has little to offer the eldest daughter of Sir Richard Collicott. Emily must learn the ways of a farmer’s wife, a life without servants. Unbeknownst to Emily and Willian, Viscount Marbley has acquired their farmland and now he is more than ready to pursue Emily relentlessly.

“The Bride Price” is rare in that it is a "riches to rags" story, but with a happily ever after. Emily’s father, Sir Richard Collicott, pushes the story forward in a major way, but one only gets to know him on the very surface. Viscount Marbley lacks depth for such a key player. At times, the characters seem two-dimensional, their emotions suppressed. However, Emily and William are vibrant and strong, able to stand up to anything thrown at them. A real page-turner, this regency is something different for fans of the genre.

Belinda Wilson