A Bride for Luke (The Proxy Brides, Book 36)


Maeve Kelly left Ireland looking for a better life in Boston. What she found was a low-paying job working laundry, barely able to pay her rent in tenement living. With few options due to the discrimination against the Irish and her cousin moving, Maeve isn’t left with any options, or so she thinks. One of her widowed roommates, Orla, is leaving for Howard City, Wyoming, to live and work with her sister Ciara, cooking at one of the boarding houses. Luke Sullivan is the sheriff of Howard City. He is a proud man living his life the way he wants to. His mother, Ciara, has other plans for him. Ciara has found him a bride by proxy and before he knows it, he is wed to Maeve. When undesirable characters come to town and threaten the jobs of the miners and railroad workers, everything Luke knows and loves may be lost. 

“A Bride for Luke” is a lovely novella, perfect for historical romance fans. Maeve’s character shows the wit, feistiness, and determination of women to carry on in unforeseen circumstances. Luke Sullivan is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. Although he wasn’t thrilled with his mother’s meddling, he quickly comes around and is determined to give Maeve the best life he can. This short story also delves into the greed of business owners and the risk of anarchy it can cause. This suspenseful short story is a delightful, clean, historical romance that will leave readers looking into the rest of this series by Ms. Clemmons!

Alison Ellis