A Bride For Cody - Mistaken Identity Mail Order Brides, Book 9


Orlena Worth needs to get out of town fast. When her great-Uncle Ambrose witnesses the murder of family friends, Orlena and Ambrose must flee with their friend’s child before the killers can find him. Taking the place of another dear friend, Orlena heads off to Montana Territory to be a mail order bride. She isn’t sure what she’ll do if the intended groom refuses to accept her. Cody Tabor specifically wants a refined, blonde, Southern belle who would follow his lead. Instead, he gets Orlena, a fiery and independent woman used to taking charge, who promptly upsets all his plans. Agreeing to give the marriage a month, Cody will have to decide if his dreams for the future are better than what he has now.

A sweet and clean historical romance, “A Bride for Cody” is a stand-alone tale with a guaranteed happy ending. Cody and Orlena are distinct characters that begin the book with firm ideas of how things should go. That said, the romance is somewhat forced, as most of the book is told rather than shown, and changes in perspective can be confusing. This affects the conflict, as the danger from the killers never seems to cause problems, and Cody’s decision lacks the emotion behind his turmoil. Furthermore, the handful of side characters lack depth although they do manage to push the plot along. As a result, this is a cotton candy book, one that has the adventure of western romance with a light conflict perfect for readers who like the easy sweetness!

Sarah E Bradley