Breaking Ties


Fleeing a disastrous betrothal and vowing never to fall in love again, Rose Payne signs on as a clerk for a group of settlers headed for the Colonies. Unfortunately, in her haste, Rose discards warnings that all is not right with the group headed for Chesapeake Bay. Faced with colonists who are not who they say they are and a fearsome ship captain, Rose's only hope is Native American ambassador Chief Manteo.  He has the ability to save them all, and eyes that reveal desire for the fiery redhead. As they reach Roanoke, betrayal will leave the colonists reeling, and the truth of the Lost Colony will be revealed.


Historical Fiction with a strong thread of romance - Jo Grafford explores the mystery of the lost colony of Roanoke, through the eyes of smart and determined Rose. The characters are drawn from the actual list of colonists, providing an assortment of people from various backgrounds.  Many of which, like the adventurous Jane, really add to the story. Additionally, "Breaking Ties" explores all the reasons, political, religious, as well as social, why the colony might have disappeared and what happened to it, providing a lot of intrigue to keep the reader guessing and making the mystery behind the sabotage unpredictable with excellent twists and turns! The romance itself among the characters, particularly the one between Rose and Manteo, is sweet and fitting to the time period without becoming the main plot thread. 

A must read for Historical fiction lovers, and an instant purchase when book two releases!


Sarah E Bradley