Breaking Point: A Novel of the Battle of Britain


World War II: Hitler has taken over large parts of Europe and now has his eyes set on Britain. He and his military commanders now plan for massive air assaults on Britain. Johnnie Shaux is a lead pilot and fighter and sees firsthand how intense the assaults are becoming, and has barely escaped with his life more than once. However, it is the arrival of old friend Eleanor Rand that truly throws him off. She is a brilliant mathematician and now a WAAF officer. Utilizing her skills is one thing, but trying to navigate her way in the war effort and not being taken seriously is another. That is, until she discovers a way to track air attacks. These attacks would become widely known as The Battle of Britain. 

This book does not feel like a historical fiction novel, but like a historical nonfiction novel. The historical detail is absolutely stunning and immense. It is almost as if the author has firsthand knowledge. Oh wait, he does. His father fought in World War II as an aircraft officer. This knowledge really shows within the story, setting it apart from other World War II novels. Some mathematical terminology could leave readers heads spinning if they are not well versed in mathematics. However, the wonderful main characters will soon distract them. Johnnie Shaux is a brilliant man and fighter. Then there is Eleanor. She is quite amazing, even if she does not have good taste in men. When Eleanor and Johnnie team up, they are unstoppable. Historical fiction fans everywhere will not want to miss this stunning book about brilliance and courage!

Amanda Hupe