The Brass Compass


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Lillian Saint James is trapped behind enemy lines in war-ravaged Europe: an American spy on the run, and on her own. Highly trained, she will utilize every ounce of knowledge and strength she has to avoid capture and death. Love is a luxury a spy can’t afford, but the chance meeting with American officer Charles McNair, is a light she will hold onto in the darkness of her harrowing adventure. 

“The Brass Compass” should rank as one of the best books of the decade! Artfully written, with a beautiful understanding of history, Ms. Butler has outdone herself. Lilly is a brilliantly crafted protagonist. She represents a strong woman who is still extremely feminine. With this deftly developed character in action the reader is presented with a story rich in detail. The plot is intense and totally draws the reader in, start to finish. The tale is a walk through a very dark period of our history and yet it poignantly represents this tragedy without being a diatribe of horrors. Equally interesting is the introduction to an organization that is not widely known, the Office of Strategic Services, which is celebrating a remarkable anniversary. The addition of a love interest in American Charles McNair gives a sentimental beauty to this tale of desperation and duty. The love is pure and yet simple. A chance meeting, a remarkable whirlwind weekend, and a lasting memory are all imprinted on each other’s hearts. The brass compass that gives the tale its title is  a token of affection that holds Lilly’s direction true, in more ways than one. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto