Braeden and Janne: Beyond Camelot

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As King Arthur lay dying, he bestows the crown upon Constantine who is to restore Camelot, and further Arthur’s vision. Constantine’s brother, Braeden, vows to help those dreams of a new Camelot come to fruition. Together, with the new Queen Cynthia, and her companion Janne (who is also Braeden’s true love,) they will rebuild Camelot to be the majestic kingdom they know it can be.

The ways of Merlin and Morganna are banned from Camelot; however, Janne continues to practice her Druidess ways. Fearing that her love for Braeden might destroy the kingdom, she refuses to wed him, in spite of numerous proposals. After she is exposed for her Druidess practices, Janne and Braeden must find a way to uncover the plot by the Mordred brothers. One that will pit brother against brother and may result in the ultimate betrayal.

Braeden and Janne is the second book in the Brother Knights series, but can stand on its own two feet. There are numerous references to how Constantine and Cynthia came together, however, so it might behoove one to read their story first. The story of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table, is of course not unique. Still, Ms. Quick does a wonderful job with the language of the era in which she writes, and the plot stays on course and keeps one interested in the story. Ultimately, Braeden and Janne succeeds in taking the reader on a fun romp through Camelot, where love will always reign supreme!

Tonya Smalley