The Bowie Bride: Book Two of The Mackintoshes and McLarens


Leona MacDowell struggles to keep hope in  the house of her oppressive father, where her dreams of love and family seem fated to be unfulfilled. When she learns that she may have a chance at her dreams in the form of marriage to Alec Bowie she puts her heart and soul in his hands, even though she knows that Alec has been forced into this marriage. Despite all the odds against the couple, love blossoms and just as it seems Leona’s dreams will come true fate adds murder to the mix.  The lovers must overcome lies and attempted murder to realize their true potential.

Ms. Tisdale knows how to write historical romance.  Her prose is richly descriptive and her dialogue is appropriate to the era in a natural and easily readable way.   Her story is well thought out and the obstacles that Leona and Alec must overcome are in keeping with the characters’ personalities and the story arc.  Ms. Tisdale allows the reader to get to know the characters organically through skillful story telling.  Events unfold naturally throughout the tale and the building tension keeps the reader guessing from one page to the next all the way to the end.

A great story that will hold up with the test of time, “The Bowie Bride” is a story to be read again and again!

Gwenellen Tarbet