Bound by his Word (Redemption Bluff Book 3)


WESTERN:  Luke Higgins has no one and now that his best friend is gone, his only purpose in life is to take a locket and message to his friend’s widow.  After a long journey, he finds Molly Fulton struggling to care for her son and the town’s sole restaurant. Unable to abandon her, Luke hires on as her cook, hoping to lessen her worries and fix up a few things. But keeping his reasons for arriving in town to himself is hard to do the longer he stays. Molly is relieved to have Luke around. Feeling torn by the need to provide and the need to nurture her son, the last thing she needs is to fall in love again. But Molly can’t abide a lie, and even though Luke has the best intentions, will the unspoken promise between them doom any hope for the future, or will the truth set them free?

An inspirational western romance, “Bound By His Word” explores lies versus intentions in the sweetest way. A clean romance, Luke and Molly are both mature adults drowning in the troubles of life. The first and perhaps unnecessary part of the conflict centers on Molly and the town jerk who pursues her, but the draw of this tale is really Molly trying to find balance between the restaurant, her son, moving on from her deceased husband, and how Luke helps with all three. While the book tries a bit too hard to build up a love triangle, the best parts of the tale are the emotions involved in Molly’s worries that speak to readers today. An enjoyable afternoon read, this book won’t leave readers disappointed!

Sarah E Bradley