Bound for the Hills (Arizona Historicals Book 7: The Taggerts)


WESTERN:  Wilhelmina Agatha Tremaine Butler, aka Willy, is an author on a mission. She needs to step away from the tragedy of her father’s suicide, the bustle of city life, and reconnect with her writing. To do so, she has rented a cabin in the middle of nowhere, based solely on some information from her best friend. Every man she meets doubts her ability to handle the terrain, the solitude, and the danger that could stumble her way. 


Cole Taggert is a man who follows the law. He hates guns, and would do anything for his family. When his sister-in-law mentions her friend and the trouble that she could potentially be in, Cole volunteers to go check on her. He is also running from the sudden celebrity that a series of dime novels has given him. The author has pegged him, and he wishes nothing more than to hunt the man down and give him a lesson he won’t forget. 


Here is a unique story with plenty of intrigue, danger, and mystery that truly is worth reading! Unfortunately, there is a dramatic amount of continuity errors, which create a stumbling block for the reader. Simply put, the author seems to forget who is being talked about, repetitively. Add wording errors to this and the story falters a bit.  Otherwise the story is dynamic and dramatic. The action is hard, the love sweet, and the plot twists stellar. For the seventh book in a series it attracts the reader all by itself, and could only compliment the other six books. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto