Bound to the Highlander (Highland Chiefs #1)


Lady Ailena Chattan was raised by her beloved uncle and upon his unexpected death discovers that she has been secretly betrothed to Laird James MacIntosh - a man she despises.  She is nearly beside herself, but once she accepts her fate she embraces her destiny.  Her cousin Gawain Chattan, however, is not so easily subdued.  When he finds out that the estate and all its bounty, including Ailena, is not his rightful inheritance. Gawain begins to reveal his evil side and abducts Ailena. James is not at first convinced this match is in his best interest but after he is enchanted by her, he can think of no other and will not rest until she is found.


Not only are the main characters of "Bound by the Highlander" completely engaging but the supporting ones as well play such an enhancing role. They make their mark as key players, participating in the shaping of the overall story.  Aileen has an appealing gentleness and kindness about her yet she is courageous. James is hot-tempered, fiery and impetuous.  The perfect balance is struck between these two with a love that grows, not only by attraction, but by mutual respect over time.  Events turn quickly throughout the story, leaving never a dull moment!  Gawain is a great villain but was kept hanging in the shadows a bit too long. His grand finale also leaves one desiring to know more in order to be satisfied. The politics of this era adds excitement and intrigue with the promise of adventure. Overall, a heroic and passionate Scottish treat!


Margaret Faria