Bound (Chained Trilogy Book 2)


FANTASY:  Lady Gwendolyn Toustain is a prisoner of Sir Caden Maignart, in a war between two noble houses that has spanned thirty years.  Despite being enemies, they cannot deny the attraction that has blossomed between them. While their duty towards their families and their desire to avenge the deaths of their respective loved ones dictates how they treat each other, both are trying to find ways of stopping the war. For Caden, it is the offer of a peace treaty. For Gwen, it is helping the enemy. Caden’s brother Jarin, however, has other plans.


“Bound” is excellently written. The author is very good at world building, giving the reader a vista of Alemere and its realms, its customs and traditions, and the disparity between Dinasdale and Daleraia where Gwen and Caden come from, respectively. The battle scenes are flawlessly described without going over the top with depictions of blood and gore.  The strength of this story is the intensity of the sacrifice, anguish and heartbreak that each of the characters experience. Emotions become the catalysts for the difficult decisions they must make. "Bound" is the second book in a series, yet despite this, the reader is able to understand the story without having to dip into the first book to grasp how the story will unfold. The story ends in a cliffhanger that will make the reader want to take up the next installment, to find out whether those who made unavoidable mistakes can find a path to redemption.


M.P. Ceja