A Bookie's Odds


MULTI-CULTURAL:  In the 40’s and 50’s it was unheard of that a black woman and white man should be seen together, but that didn’t stop Nick Santiano from protecting the girl of his dreams. Georgia Collins had been friends with his sister for over 16 years. He watched them grow and protected them from everything that might hurt either girl. Georgia always held a special place in his heart. It was hard for Georgia to accept his attention because she was unlike all the women Nick surrounded himself with. When her father and best friend were attacked, Nick and Georgia were forced to work together to put back the pieces of their lives. Just so happens those pieces included each other. 


Ursula Renee has created a story that speaks to many. Even now, race is debated throughout many cultures, but Renee has written a powerful story that will touch hearts and open minds to all sorts of possibilities. A few mix ups of names were confusing, but they were sorted out quickly. Slow to start, this story of love, heartache, struggle, and triumph will leave a reader soaring with a heart full of pride and justice. “A Bookies Odds” is definitely worth the time it takes to read and enjoy. Readers will want more of Georgia and Nick’s story and will be left hopefully wishing for a sequel.



Mary-Nancy Smith