A Bonny Pretender (A MacNaughton Castle Romance, Book 3)


Brigid MacNaughton is a tomboy, and she’s quite happy with that. Her family knows she can’t stay that way and entice a husband, so they send her to London to learn how to become a lady. In order for her to become ‘marriageable’, she hides her true self. Frank Raines, meanwhile, has been lied to his entire life. In a world where a person’s birth is the keystone of their worth, Frank fears the worst if his true parentage were to be revealed. A chance meeting in the park draws the two together. Frank thought he wanted a proper English lady, but as time passes and Brigid accidentally reveals parts of her true self, he realizes that maybe what he needs is honesty.

What a fun read! Brigid is a fun, spirited, enticing woman, and readers will certainly enjoy her escapades. When she climbs a tree to rescue a boy, the lad’s nanny is down on the ground fretting. Brigid’s exasperation with her is so comical readers will find themselves laughing through the entire scene. Readers will also catch glimpses of her caring and compassionate nature—climbing that tree is more about bringing the boy down safely and calming his fears than about anything else. Frank’s struggles to forgive his mother for her deception is heart wrenching, but it’s that very lesson that teaches him how to live the rest of his life. Watching him grow and fall in love with Brigid is sweet and will keep readers up until the wee hours of the night to find out how it all ends.

Heather McCoubrey