Bold in Honor (Knights of Honor #6)


Lady Margery Ormond has never felt like a lady in her stepfather’s home at Highfield, near London. Tending to an ailing mother and dodging her lecherous stepbrother, Margery is simply trying to survive. When the Peasant’s Rebellion sweeps England and her family is slaughtered, only some quick thinking preserves Margery’s life, but in fleeing the estate, she finds herself in the middle of a bigger battle. Sir Ancel de Montfort is a trusted advisor to the young King Richard and when he spots Margery in the midst of combat and saves her, the king decides to turn the seemingly lordless Highfield holding and its remaining lady to Ancel as a reward. Unfortunately, just as Ancel begins to win Margery’s heart, her stepbrother reappears and claims Highfield and Margery’s future. With the odds against them, can Ancel and Margery gain their happily ever after?

A stunning medieval historical romance, “Bold in Honor” is the sixth book in the “Knights of Honor” series but can be read as a stand-alone tale. Full of tension, danger, and smoldering romance, this book will suck the reader in from the moment the peasants rebel. With brief moments of brutal deaths, countered by passion, the plot though predictable keeps a steady pace and uses the steam to full effect. While the characters are mostly flat and lack depth, the setting and romance provide plenty of enjoyable moments for fans of historical romance to devour. This is an exciting but easy read! 

Sarah E Bradley