Jennifer Rose

FANTASY:  Mauve O'Malley is a young woman at the crossroads of her life. She has left Boston and her family to go Ireland, in order to find the mystery behind her frightening waking dreams. These dreams are real, and people close to her can find themselves in danger. Once in Ireland, Mauve finds love, friendship, and intrigue as she travels through ancestral lands, sites, castles, and, finally, a cemetery where she meets her long-dead pirate ancestor, Grace O'Malley, and the lover who was murdered right before her eyes. Mauve's search for clues puts her and others in jeopardy the closer she gets to the Pirate Queen. Grace wants something from Mauve, and her mother before her, but how can she help the Pirate Queen and put an end to her families curse?


Engaging, beautifully written scenes, and idyllic descriptions of Ireland and lyrical dialogue keep the tale of the Pirate Queen moving at a quick pace. The characters are engaging, and they draw a person in to this tale of adventure and intrigue. Mauve finds romance with a young musician, but it’s her professor who believes in her and her dreams and makes her heart go all a-flutter. There are a few plot twists and Mauve, although likeable, does get overly dramatic with her love interests and her dreams at times. Adrenaline-fueled action and enough twists and turns to keep even the most astute readers on their toes, this is a captivating story with a heroine who is forcefully engaging.   


L. Kane