Step into the past: 1879, Bodie, California. Read what it was like to live in the past, when life was hard, and if you stood up for what was right you might not live to see another day. Thats just what Elise does when she figures out that something in her town is making all the citizens sick, and it has something to do with the local mining operation. Anyone who asks questions ends up missing or dead


Flash to the present:  Pacific Northwest. Lainey and Lara are sisters who find out that they have been having the same reoccurring dream for years.   A visit to a therapist might help them determine what these dreams might mean.  Rachel Carrell is stunned by what she learns, dubs them the Dream Sistersand is anxious to publish their story.  What all three ladies learn is that the dreams are tied to the past, and an unsolved murder in Bodie, California.  Little do they know that if word gets out about their dreams, their lives will be in serious danger.


Bodieis based on a true story. The beginning starts out a bit slowly, but eventually pulls one in with its interesting tale. Each chapter is based in the past, or set in the present, which is unique. Sometimes its a bit difficult to tell which sister's POV the story is being told from, and a couple of the side characters really dont add anything to the story. However, Ms. Sweazy-Kulju is a gifted author who has a wonderful future ahead of her!  


Lynne Bryant