Blue Horizon (Shades of Blue, Book 4)


WESTERN:  Laura Foster has had a hard life. Running from tragedy and a madman, she finds strength only in her determination to live. Josiah McClintock is torn between remaining in a happy and quiet life in Alder Gulch on a ranch, or returning to the East and claiming his birthright and previous life. When he sees Laura, Josiah takes it upon himself to protect her, but can he overcome her past? Can she admit the truth and face it? Or will danger destroy the brief hope for a brighter future for them both?

An edgy romantic western, “Blue Horizon” is a short story that tells of tragedy, and burgeoning hope. This is not a lighthearted romance, but instead one of finding strength when tragedy strikes repeatedly. Laura is a very strong character trapped in a physically and mentally abusive situation that affects her goals and views on life. She struggles to deal with her feelings for Josiah as a result. Josiah is torn between what he wants and what he feels his duty is.  The problem in the story is mainly that the length does not allow for a steady development so the character growth and romance are rushed to the point of barely existing. Instead, it is mostly tragedy. However, this is a great peek at McQueen’s world and adds to the rest of the series nicely, making it a very good western read.

Sarah E Bradley