Of Blood and Brothers: Book Two

E. Michael

The Civil War is winding down and Daniel Malburn is in a Union prison camp. His memory is shot due to a war injury and all he wants is to get something decent to eat and make his way home - even though he isn’t real sure where that is. As the war ends and his memory slowly returns he begins the long trek back home.


Eli Malburn, Daniel’s brother, has returned to the Florida Panhandle after having fought on the Union side of the War.  He is trying to rebuild his life after hearing the rumor of the death of his brother Daniel. He wants to win the love of Annie, his brother’s former fiancée. 


Mr. Helms weaves a beautiful, insightful and often times humorous account of the struggles of the Malburn family.  Told in flashback, as Daniel and Eli relate their stories to a reporter covering their family reunion, "Of Blood and Brothers" seamlessly recounts the story of the hardships they endured both during and after the war.  Not only was the Malburn's country, torn apart, but their family as well.  Their story is at once tragic and heartwarming.  Mr. Lincoln's War turned good men into murderous renegades and every day men into heroes. The reader will be enthralled by this tale of the ravages of war and the tenacity of the human spirit.  Five resounding stars!


Rose Mary Espinoza