The Blood and The Bloom (Men of Blood Book 1)


Sir Tristin LaDeux is a knight with a chivalric order called the Homme de Sang.  As a soldier of The Church, he accepts his assignment to arrest and transport an accused witch from a small village for trial.  Tristan is unaware that he is a pawn in a sick plan by a powerful man by Willem Mason to possess and ultimately destroy an innocent beauty named Bell Heather.  As Tristan comes to know the young woman, his heart tells him that there is no way she is a witch. When he learns of Mason’s plans, his suspicions are confirmed, and he gives in to the powerful feelings that have grown between them.  Bell knows she loves the handsome young knight, but will he be powerful enough to save her from a horrible and humiliating fate?

“The Blood and the Bloom” transports the reader into the world of knights and damsels with a story that is full of twists and turns.  The attraction between the main characters is passionate and sweetly innocent at the same time.  Bell is a feisty and resourceful young woman who is not afraid to take her fate into her own hands and readers will admire her plucky spirit.  Sir Tristin struggles with the conflict between his duty and his feelings throughout the story and this adds a nice level of tension to the story.  The resolution of the conflict at the end of the story is not as strong as the rest of the novel and feels contrived and convenient.  Overall “Blood and the Bloom” was entertaining and fun to read!

Gwenellen Tarbet