Blind Faith


Following in her aunt’s footsteps, Cassandra Woods has no plans to accept the title of wife just to appease the ton of 1814. When Cassie is mysteriously called upon by Lord Hedley to come rectify her mistreatment of her fiancé, she can do nothing but go along to find out why her old childhood friend would tell people they are betrothed when they have never been. Finding him in a makeshift recovery hospital for blinded soldiers, Cassie decides to stay on and help these soldiers learn to navigate their new world and regain a sense of purpose so they can return to the lives they had before the war. But when Cassie’s desire for Lord Hedley grows, she is faced with leaving before things go too far, or staying and risking everything she has fought so hard against.

“Blind Faith” is a lovely tribute of self-sacrifice and acceptance in the worst of circumstances. Willing to jump in and help at the first sign of need, Cassie is the unwavering friend that everyone should have. While the story was sweet and original, the lack of clear definition from one day to the next caused confusion more than once as to when certain actions were transpiring as well as a smattering of typographical errors throughout. In getting to know the soldiers and their personalities, this story allowed one to see that war injuries may not only be physical but affect their mental and emotional health as well. Susan Payne has written an inspiring and delectable tale from beginning to end!

Marie Sanderson