Blackwood Crossing (British Agent #2)


MYSTERY:  Rhona Davidson, a Scottish lass requiring a protective escort, is forced to make a choice - loyalty to her family, meaning a marriage to a man she despises, or following her heart and becoming involved once more with a man she has vowed she would never love again. Charles Blackwood is an able-bodied British agent who serves his country with honor, facing all manner of dangers, but when a new assignment pits him between duty and the woman he loves he must make a perilous choice.


Ms. McClintock weaves a thick tapestry of mystery and romance in her historical setting - Scotland and England. Multiple twists and unexpected alliances hook the reader into her complex tale. Her characters were introduced in her initial volume of the series, a publication the reader will want to read in this books wake, if not before, as it may add more depth to personalities as well as a possible firm background. Some scene shifts may seem abrupt due to the publishing house format. The story includes the darker side of historys humanity, without the ghoulish descriptions that might offend. Historical Romance readers will be delighted with the author’s style and veritable plot line in this clean romance. Blackwood Crossing is a wonderful book for the reader to begin their lifelong Historical Romance adventure or continue their HR journey! Bravo Ms. McClintock!


Shaunna Gonzales